The Big Question: Will E-Cigarette Savings Last?

Many people have turned to using electronic cigarettes to help them stop smoking, or at least be able to smoke without having the harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoking. Since they are tobacco free, they don’t pose many of the dangers of tobacco smoke, and they are easier on others in the home too that might breathe in the smoke. There are lots of flavors to choose from, so there’s something every smoker will probably like.

Another reason people choose electronic cigarettes is because they are easier on the budget. Since you aren’t replacing package after package of cigarettes weekly, there is that benefit right away. With electronic cigarettes like the ones found at, there is the initial purchase of equipment and vapors, but we must ask: will the E-cigarette savings last? Here are some tips on how to stretch your dollar when using e-cigs.

1. You can smoke less. Many people who use e-cigarettes find that they actually smoke less after a time, which obviously will save money, even if just on the vapors. And, some people find that it actually helps them to stop smoking altogether, which actually will save a LOT of money.

2. For birthdays and other holidays where you exchange gifts with family or friends, ask for e-cigarette supplies or gift cards to online retailers where you can purchase them yourself.

3. Order your supplies from retailers that offer discounts, free shipping, or buy one-get one type specials for frequent shoppers.

4. You many discover that in time, you find you need less vapor or smoking time, which like the first tip, will save you money if you don’t need as long of a smoke break to get a fix.

Another important thing to note about making the e-cigarette savings last – the amount you will save in dental or medical bills by getting rid of tobacco- that’s huge. Also, no more wasted money on lighters, air fresheners, or replacing clothes or other items that may get nicotine stains on them. Another great bonus that helps you to know that the e-cigarette savings last – your health. You can take stock in the fact that you are taking your life back by being able to stop smoking. Not only will you reap those benefits, but your family and friends will, too. You can’t put a price tag on what you will gain by putting down the tobacco for good.