Scrabble Tile Christmas Gifts

Money was a little tight this year, so had to venture to Pinterest for some great ideas in “Do it yourself” (DIY) gifts. I set my focus on scrabble art! I ordered a couple of sets of 300 scrabble tiles each for about three dollars per set. The biggest hit were the picture frames. I bought some inexpensive Walmart frames and using Gorilla glue to glue the tiles to say either the Family name or phrases including “Grandkids”, “Love at First Sight”, “Best Teacher”, and “Puppy Love” for those people whose ‘children’ are their four-legged friends. Everyone loves a personalized gift and you can never have too many picture frames!

For my parents, I went a little fancier. I took a shadow board and created a “scrabble style” letter connect featuring the names of the parents, kids, and grand kids. I also included some words that are relative to the family, such as faith, love, caring, joy, and blessed. Obviously the materials were a little more expensive and it required much more brain power to determine the correct placement of each word for purposes of fitting in the allotted space, and of course, getting it all in.

Some other scrabble art ideas that I came across included another shadow box with the same concept as mentioned above, but with just the family last name and the words that relate (faith, love, joy) or (fighting, frustration, annoying)—depending on your family! I also saw lots of cool ornaments, coffee mugs, and wall art. The best thing of all is, after we put up all of the Christmas stuff, my son was able to use the left over scrabble pieces for a school project! Scrabble: The game that keeps on giving!