Which States Next To Legalize Marijuana Sparks Gift Ideas

I was recently looking online to find some gift ideas. I always have trouble finding the right gift and I was hoping that I would be able to find something simple and easy. I was also hoping that I would not have to spend too much money. While I was looking for gift ideas I came across a few web sites that were talking about pot smoking. Now I am not sure why I find this site because I was not looking for marijuana or anything like that. However I was interested in the material and I ended up reading all that they had to say. The main topic of conversation was which states next to legalize marijuana? The idea itself was very interesting simply because that would be an awesome gift. If you are looking for gift ideas in the states of Colorado or Washington then you have endless supplies of awesome gifts.

But the idea of which states next to legalize marijuana had me thinking about the whole concept of the law and the pot issue. I wonder why there are so many laws against marijuana? Marijuana is a natural plant that offers homeopathic remedies to a lot of issues. The main issue I see is that the federal government would like to receive money for the sale of the product. In essence, they would like to be the national drug dealer. After thinking about which states next to legalize marijuana I thought that a state like Vermont or Maine could be next. I have to admit that I would love for North Carolina to be next but that is not going to happen. My state is too steeped in tradition and they are too straight-laced for that.

No the real answer for gift ideas would be a nice surprise. What would be more surprising then learning that North Carolina was allowing the use of recreational marijuana? Obviously that is a dream that will happen but it is likely going to be several more years before that happens. In the mean time I would like to know which states next to legalize marijuana? As I said before I think a state such as Vermont or Maine will be next. These are known liberal bastions and they are more likely to make the call. Whoever lives in these states could get a very nice gift and they might even have some awesome gift ideas. I can think of a number of things that I would buy as gifts if marijuana were legal in my state.

Overall I will not be surprised by the next state. But it does make us ask the question, which states next to legalize marijuana? What are your thoughts on the issues? What do you think about legalization? Share your thoughts with us.

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