4 Great Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

If you have a two year old in your life, you know how difficult shopping for them can be. They’re just old enough that the cute rattles and crib toys no longer cut mustard with them, but not quite old enough for most of the other items at the toy store.

Toy Kitchens – Whether your shopping for a two year old boy or girl, a toy kitchen is always a good idea. At this age they love mimicry and having a tiny kitchen to call their very own allows them to “cook” meals the same way their parent does, but without them being under foot.

Large Legos – The average two year old has a very active imagination, which is something you should foster. Legos are a great way to do just that. Since you’re dealing with a two year old, you want to get a set that’s over sized so there’s no risk of the Lego getting swallowed. The great thing about getting the two year old in your life a set of Legos is that you’re free to sit down with them and build creations of your own. It’s like getting a whole new shot at being a kid yourself!

Puzzles – Now is a great time to pick up one or two of the cute puzzles the toy store carries. You want to get one that has large pieces and a simple picture. Getting a two year old a puzzle not only gives them something to do on rainy days, but it also helps them deductive reasoning.

Costumes – Two year olds love to play pretend. They’ll love the games even more if you get them some fun dress up clothes. When choosing dress up clothes, look for costumes that bear a strong resemblance to your two year old’s favorite fictional characters.