Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Every year it seems that men are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their lovely brides. They will spend hours thinking about the gift but they will probably only spend a few minutes actually getting the gift. This year lets try to do something different. First, lets go over the gifts that suck. Your wife might like exercising but she does not want a new treadmill or an exercise bike. All this gift will do is tick her off and make her think that you think she is fat and out of shape. Avoid the fight and bypass the exercise equipment. Second, just because you think skimpy underwear is sexy does not mean that she wants to wear it everyday. Do not spend hundreds on lacy, barely there underwear. It will only disappoint you. Third, she does not want a trip to Canton, Ohio where the Football Hall of Fame is located. Stop it.

So what are good gift ideas? What are her hobbies? What does she enjoy doing the most? If she is a crafty woman then maybe you should think about purchasing a few items for her craft hobbies. Items could include yarn for crocheting, scrapbooking materials, paints, canvases, etc. Jewelry is always a great choice but lets be real, it is also the least thoughtful. Any idiot can buy a bracelet. Does your wife enjoy time alone? Send her to a spa! Does she like movies? Buy her favorite movie collections. Does she need more time with you? Take her on a trip. Does she need to relax? Spoil her with a bath collection that includes robes, slippers, soaps and candles.

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