The Big Question: Will E-Cigarette Savings Last?

Many people have turned to using electronic cigarettes to help them stop smoking, or at least be able to smoke without having the harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoking. Since they are tobacco free, they don’t pose many of the dangers of tobacco smoke, and they are easier on others in the home too that might breathe in the smoke. There are lots of flavors to choose from, so there’s something every smoker will probably like.

Another reason people choose electronic cigarettes is because they are easier on the budget. Since you aren’t replacing package after package of cigarettes weekly, there is that benefit right away. With electronic cigarettes like the ones found at, there is the initial purchase of equipment and vapors, but we must ask: will the E-cigarette savings last? Here are some tips on how to stretch your dollar when using e-cigs.

1. You can smoke less. Many people who use e-cigarettes find that they actually smoke less after a time, which obviously will save money, even if just on the vapors. And, some people find that it actually helps them to stop smoking altogether, which actually will save a LOT of money.

2. For birthdays and other holidays where you exchange gifts with family or friends, ask for e-cigarette supplies or gift cards to online retailers where you can purchase them yourself.

3. Order your supplies from retailers that offer discounts, free shipping, or buy one-get one type specials for frequent shoppers.

4. You many discover that in time, you find you need less vapor or smoking time, which like the first tip, will save you money if you don’t need as long of a smoke break to get a fix.

Another important thing to note about making the e-cigarette savings last – the amount you will save in dental or medical bills by getting rid of tobacco- that’s huge. Also, no more wasted money on lighters, air fresheners, or replacing clothes or other items that may get nicotine stains on them. Another great bonus that helps you to know that the e-cigarette savings last – your health. You can take stock in the fact that you are taking your life back by being able to stop smoking. Not only will you reap those benefits, but your family and friends will, too. You can’t put a price tag on what you will gain by putting down the tobacco for good.

Scrabble Tile Christmas Gifts

Money was a little tight this year, so had to venture to Pinterest for some great ideas in “Do it yourself” (DIY) gifts. I set my focus on scrabble art! I ordered a couple of sets of 300 scrabble tiles each for about three dollars per set. The biggest hit were the picture frames. I bought some inexpensive Walmart frames and using Gorilla glue to glue the tiles to say either the Family name or phrases including “Grandkids”, “Love at First Sight”, “Best Teacher”, and “Puppy Love” for those people whose ‘children’ are their four-legged friends. Everyone loves a personalized gift and you can never have too many picture frames!

For my parents, I went a little fancier. I took a shadow board and created a “scrabble style” letter connect featuring the names of the parents, kids, and grand kids. I also included some words that are relative to the family, such as faith, love, caring, joy, and blessed. Obviously the materials were a little more expensive and it required much more brain power to determine the correct placement of each word for purposes of fitting in the allotted space, and of course, getting it all in.

Some other scrabble art ideas that I came across included another shadow box with the same concept as mentioned above, but with just the family last name and the words that relate (faith, love, joy) or (fighting, frustration, annoying)—depending on your family! I also saw lots of cool ornaments, coffee mugs, and wall art. The best thing of all is, after we put up all of the Christmas stuff, my son was able to use the left over scrabble pieces for a school project! Scrabble: The game that keeps on giving!

4 Great Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

If you have a two year old in your life, you know how difficult shopping for them can be. They’re just old enough that the cute rattles and crib toys no longer cut mustard with them, but not quite old enough for most of the other items at the toy store.

Toy Kitchens – Whether your shopping for a two year old boy or girl, a toy kitchen is always a good idea. At this age they love mimicry and having a tiny kitchen to call their very own allows them to “cook” meals the same way their parent does, but without them being under foot.

Large Legos – The average two year old has a very active imagination, which is something you should foster. Legos are a great way to do just that. Since you’re dealing with a two year old, you want to get a set that’s over sized so there’s no risk of the Lego getting swallowed. The great thing about getting the two year old in your life a set of Legos is that you’re free to sit down with them and build creations of your own. It’s like getting a whole new shot at being a kid yourself!

Puzzles – Now is a great time to pick up one or two of the cute puzzles the toy store carries. You want to get one that has large pieces and a simple picture. Getting a two year old a puzzle not only gives them something to do on rainy days, but it also helps them deductive reasoning.

Costumes – Two year olds love to play pretend. They’ll love the games even more if you get them some fun dress up clothes. When choosing dress up clothes, look for costumes that bear a strong resemblance to your two year old’s favorite fictional characters.

Gift Ideas That Never Get Old

Christmas time is just around the corner. And while you might hate me for pointing that out, the truth of the matter is that many stores are already starting to prepare for the coming season by ordering all of their toys and decorations. So with that comes the expectation that you are going to buy gifts for the people that are close to you or the people that are assigned to you through random gift registries. Here is what you need to know about gifts that never go out of style. First, people love the idea of clothing that is not too tacky. I know sweaters have a bad reputation but a nice neutral color sweater is a great gift. Just stay away from the tacky festive items.

Another item that is a wonderful gift idea is the gift card. Long overlooked and sometimes referred to as a last minute gift, the gift card has made a comeback over the past few years. This is a gift that does not require anything except a few dollars. You pick the store and you pick the amount. This allows the gift receiver to pick out whatever they like. It is a great gift that does not require a lot of time and effort. These gift cards can even be picked up in the grocery store while you are waiting in line. It is a wonderfully convenient idea.

Finally I would like to urge you to think about a gift of travel. Now before you start thinking that gifts like this are too expensive, just remember that you can purchase 2-3 nights in a hotel for around 200 dollars. For a loved one that is not that much to ask and this would allow them the chance to get out of town and relax for a few nights.

Gift Ideas for Dad’s Workshop

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, which means that now is the perfect time to start shopping for a gift your dad will love. Here are some ideas you might want to consider.

Power Tools

No matter how many tools your dad might already have in his work shed, it’s a sure bet there’s something else he would love to add to his collection. Giving him a new power tool is a great way to make him smile. Best of all, every time he uses the tool, he’ll think of you!

Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Hammers

The problem that many men have with their toolkit is that items seem to just magically disappear, and this always seems to be the tool that they need at that exact moment. Giving your dad a spare set of the basic tools he uses every single day is a great way to save him from frustration.

A Tractor Seat Stool

If your dad has been in his workshop and sitting for a long period of time, it’s likely you’ve heard him complaining about a sore back. Pick up a work stool that has a seat shaped like a tractor seat, and his work induced aches and pains will disappear. The stool not only provides a wider and more stable seat than other work stools, but it also has a comfortable backrest.

Extra Supplies

Walk through your dad’s work space and check out the tools he uses to make projects. The odds are pretty good you’ll notice that he’s low on something. A quick run to the local hardware store or sawmill to pick up whatever he’s short on and giving it to him on Father’s Day is sure to make him smile.

Gift Ideas He’ll Love

That time of year is coming when we all run out to the stores to try to find the best gifts for our loved ones, teachers and even mailmen. It can all be quite stressful and if you are anything like me, you will wait until the last minute. And that is not because I like waiting until I only have a few days or hours left, but because I just don’t know what to get that person. For me, the people that are the hardest to shop for are men.

If you are buying gifts for women, then you can always just get lotions or candles and they will be happy. But since I am a woman, I know what I like and that can make buying for other women easier. Men, on the other hand, baffle me to no end. Not just when it comes to gift ideas, but in general. I just don’t understand how they tick. And I am not sure that I really want to, if you know what I mean.

So what I have decided is that I will just ask my husband this year what he wants for Christmas. I have a feeling that I know what he will say, but it is worth a try. If all else fails, I think that I will just get him a tool or something. All guys like tools right? And beer, beer is usually a good gift for guys. The only other thing that I can think of that most guys would like is food. Perhaps cooking his favorite meal or taking him to his favorite restaurant is a good choice. Sometimes I think that would be the best gift not only for him for me as well, then I don’t have to cook!

Which States Next To Legalize Marijuana Sparks Gift Ideas

I was recently looking online to find some gift ideas. I always have trouble finding the right gift and I was hoping that I would be able to find something simple and easy. I was also hoping that I would not have to spend too much money. While I was looking for gift ideas I came across a few web sites that were talking about pot smoking. Now I am not sure why I find this site because I was not looking for marijuana or anything like that. However I was interested in the material and I ended up reading all that they had to say. The main topic of conversation was which states next to legalize marijuana? The idea itself was very interesting simply because that would be an awesome gift. If you are looking for gift ideas in the states of Colorado or Washington then you have endless supplies of awesome gifts.

But the idea of which states next to legalize marijuana had me thinking about the whole concept of the law and the pot issue. I wonder why there are so many laws against marijuana? Marijuana is a natural plant that offers homeopathic remedies to a lot of issues. The main issue I see is that the federal government would like to receive money for the sale of the product. In essence, they would like to be the national drug dealer. After thinking about which states next to legalize marijuana I thought that a state like Vermont or Maine could be next. I have to admit that I would love for North Carolina to be next but that is not going to happen. My state is too steeped in tradition and they are too straight-laced for that.

No the real answer for gift ideas would be a nice surprise. What would be more surprising then learning that North Carolina was allowing the use of recreational marijuana? Obviously that is a dream that will happen but it is likely going to be several more years before that happens. In the mean time I would like to know which states next to legalize marijuana? As I said before I think a state such as Vermont or Maine will be next. These are known liberal bastions and they are more likely to make the call. Whoever lives in these states could get a very nice gift and they might even have some awesome gift ideas. I can think of a number of things that I would buy as gifts if marijuana were legal in my state.

Overall I will not be surprised by the next state. But it does make us ask the question, which states next to legalize marijuana? What are your thoughts on the issues? What do you think about legalization? Share your thoughts with us.

Great Gift Ideas For People You Love

When it comes to the holidays I have to admit that I can be a little carried away if I am not careful. I love the Christmas season and it is quickly approaching. This means that you are going to have party invites and plans that need to be made soon. You are also going to need to get your Christmas list put together soon as well. What are you buying for your people? Gift ideas can be hard to come by on the spur of the moment so I would like to share a few gift ideas with you. First, little girls are not always going to love dolls. My daughter loves clay. Maybe you could find a way to invest in your daughter’s creative ability. My girl loves lightweight modeling clay and that is going to be a huge part of her gift for Christmas.

Boys can be hard to shop for. My son has the attention span of a butterfly but I think I know what to get him this year. He loves anything that moves or has a remote. So I am going to invest in a small remote controlled helicopter. The toy is something that he will play with outside and he should be entertained for hours. I can’t wait to see his face. Now you also need to have some gift ideas for your spouse. Men are sick of ties and women are no longer interested in your stupid exercise machines. We are not fat and we do not need them. However a great gift for her would be anything that sparkles…such as a nice necklace or a ring. Men like tools. So do the right thing and make a good list.

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mother how important she is to you. It is the one day a year where a mom gets some recognition so don’t let it pass you by without giving your mother the attention she deserves! If you are struggling to come up with a great gift for your mom this year, here are a few fun ideas to help you start brainstorming. Choose one or choose them all and you are sure to make your mom a very happy woman this year!

First, you could give your mom a trip to the spa. Every woman loves being pampered and there is no substitute for a peaceful day of manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages. Most spas run special offers for Mother’s Day so you can get amazing prices on popular spa packages.

Second, you could give your mom a clean house! Sometimes moms feel like all they do is cook and clean so you can take some of the stress out of daily life by cleaning the house from top to bottom while you send her out for lunch or an afternoon of shopping. This is perhaps the most thoughtful gift of all and it’s free! Even a tight budget is no excuse to forget your mother on this special day.

Finally, consider giving your mom some time. As adults, we tend to get wrapped up in our own lives. We have work, school, friends, and our own spouses and children to keep us busy. But your mom misses you so dedicating Mother’s Day to spending time with her could be a really special gift.

No matter what you choose to do for Mother’s Day, just make sure you tell your mom how much she is loved. That’s all she really wants anyway!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

This weekend there is a very important holiday coming up and I am stressing out about what to get for my boyfriend. We have only been dating for a few months and I have no idea what would be a good gift for a guy. It seems like it is pretty easy for a guy to figure out what to get a woman for this particular holiday. Flowers, candy or jewelry are always good gift ideas for a woman no matter what stage in the relationship. But men are more difficult for sure.

If we were married or in a serious relationship I might find it a bit easier to find the perfect thing to give him, but something like a watch would be too much for where we are right now. I have a hard enough time coming up with gifts for guys in general, but it is even worse when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Most guys are not into romance of any kind so I won’t even consider getting him chocolate or flowers!

One idea that popped into my head that might work is tickets to a sporting event. He is really into hockey and has been to a few of the local team games. But I am not a fan of hockey at all so would I just tell him that the tickets are for him and a friend or should I just suck it up and go to the game with him? Or maybe I should just make him a nice dinner. I just don’t know what to do! Why is it so hard to try to figure out Valentine’s gift ideas for a guy?